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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Security through obscurity, or annoyance, or something...

A couple years ago I signed up to sell on . I listed a couple items, realized that I couldn't make any money on them, and pulled them. I then didn't sell anything on for about 2 years. In that time, I moved and changed bank accounts - and left all my old bank account info at my parent's house in NJ.

Fast-forward to present. Started taking grad classes and figured I could make some money selling my barely-used accounting book. Listed in on half, and by virtue of the fact that I still had the CD and study guide, I sold it in a couple days.

So now I need to get paid. When I set up my half account, I signed up for direct deposit - to my old bank account. So I need to change my payment options, either to my current bank account or check. Should be a couple clicks, right? Nope. Because in order to change my bank account info, I need to enter my old bank account number, which I don't have. This is after I'm already signed into their system.

I wrote an email to half (have not heard back yet), and if worse comes to worse I can probably have my parents see if they can dig up my old bank account info. But this doesn't seem like it should be so complicated. I'm already signed into the account, they already have my address for them to send a check, and PayPal (which, like half, is an ebay company) has my current bank account info.

I understand the importance of security - part of my job includes basic system admin tasks, so I have to make sure that nobody can log in as me. But while I'm concerned about people logging in as me at work and deleting large chunks of the network, I'm less concerned about someone signing into, say, my NY Times account and, god forbid, reading news with a liberal slant as me.


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