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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Ad Sense or nonsense?

Via Instapundit comes a bt post by awesome videographer Evan Coyne Maloney about why he quit Adsense - the poorly aimed ads, mostly for anti-Bush causes.

I use Google ads. From July to now, I've made a wopping $5.69 from AdWords. Only another $94.31 and I can request a check! and they don't seem very well targeted - I get a ton of anti-Bush ads as well. Sometimes they are poor choices - I had a couple posts complaining about being stuck with a Toyota Corolla as a rental, and suddenly I was getting google ads to buy a Toyota Corolla - something most readers probably would not be interested in.

Sometimes they are farther off - I had a post a while ago about one that was in French. I also recently got one advertising hot gay and lesbian dates (screenshot here).

The reasoning isn't some complicated anti-Bush scheme or poor targeting. Google adword buyers simply buy keywords - like "gay" or "Bush" or "Toyota Corolla" and Google places ads on pages where it sees that text. The Google AdSense computer doesn't know if the Bush mentions are applauding him or comparing him to Hitler.

I think the main lesson is that blogs are not the best text for AdWords, simply because blogs tend to be random thoughts. A webpage dedicated to Toyotas or car buying is probably a great place for a car ad. A mention in a blog is probably much more random.


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