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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Why computers will never totally replace humans..

I was skimming the "hot winter sales" at and saw this Garmin GPS unit for $60. It seemed like a good price (although I don't really need a GPS unit) so I thought I would do a little research. I decided to check out CNET's review section. It gave me this review - which made no sense. It reviewed the Garmin - a specialized device designed for finding your location - as if it were a PDA. It complains about it not having an OS so not being as functional as a Palm or WinCE device - never mind that it will help you find out where the heck you are, something that a Zire doesn't do. It also recomends buying a keyboard, which makes no sense for a GPS device

Then I saw the cNet disclaimer:
CNET's Product Briefs are generated by a software tool that combines product specifications with knowledge of our editorial experts. They do not reflect hands-on assessment or labs

So they didn't actually review it - or bother to find out what it does. Of course, if a reader doesn't realize this, and doesn't know much about the device, they will probably be confused as heck - and may not buy it for reasons that make no sense, or buy it as a PDA when it isn't.

Proof that machines will never replace humans totally...


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