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Sunday, December 19, 2004

I am the Beast, I mean best...

Businessweek has announced their best products of 2004.

There are a few good ones on there - as a Mopar guy, I like the new Chrysler 300C. The new iMac is starting to overcome my initial impression. The new Motorola Razor is a cool looking phone, although I would probably break it in the first week if I owned one. The BlackBerry is cool (and I may be getting one from work in the near future). The Lance Armstrong bracelets have been way more popular than anyone would ever have guessed.

However, there were a few picks I disagree with. I have already registered my displeasure about the portable XM radio - I think most people would rather have an iPod. Speaking of which, I don't get the Oakly Thump - $400 ($100 more than the 20 gig iPod), and it only holds 128 megs. Plus it's attached to a freakin' pair of sunglasses. Now, I may be unusual, since I use my iPod in the house most of the time (MadAnthony doesn't get out much), but who wants an MP3 player that you can only use when you can wear sunglasses - ie outdoors?

The Roku streamer also seems a little overrated to me as well - but that may only be because I own a GoVideo networked DVD player. I think I paid around $130 for it, and unlike the Roku, it plays video (including Divx with the newer firmware). The Roku is wireless, but the GoVideo can be if I add a wireless PCMCIA card to it. And I can use it as a DVD player as well, and see the display on my TV instead of on a tiny LCD display.

The engergizer flash light that takes different batteries also seems overrated to me, because I just bought a shake flashlight from compgeeks (I think I paid $6 for it in one of their terrific thursday or wonderful wednesday or whatever their sale is called(. It needs no batteries.


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