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Sunday, September 26, 2004

What will Kerry do about Iraq?

Whatever your feelings about the war in Iraq, we are there and it's in our best interests to try to make it as peaceful and democratic a country as possible. Unless you are John Kerry, in which case it's in your best interest to make it look as bad as possible so that you can say that invading was a screwup and you should thus vote for him for president. Because he did vote for the invasion, but he didn't actually expect Bush to, you know, invade. Who would have thunk it?

Anyway, the problem with Kerry bashing Iraq is that Iraq is still Iraq, no matter who wins the election in Novemeber. Kerry isn't really doing anything to help the situation or offer a better plan for the situation that exists. He complains that we don't have enough allies (which means we don't have France and Germany), but his sister is telling the Australians that they shouldn't be our allies. If he wins, he will need to work with the current Iraqi government - but he has nothing good to say about the current PM, twisting his words to make the situation sound more negative than it is and having members of his campaign call him a puppet - which doesn't exactly help his legitimacy in Iraq.

Mark Steyn has an excellent column on how much Kerry's comments hurt the current Iraqi government.

Allawi, to paraphrase a line from A Few Good Men, eats breakfast a few feet away from people who want to blow him up. He may not be perfect, but he represents stability and some measure of democracy, while the people in Iraq who oppose him represent terrorism, oppression, religious extremism, and a culture of violence. But Kerry would rather see the latter as Iraq's future, because it's better for his campaign.


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