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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Stupid quotes from Dems on TV..

I tape the Dennis Miller show on my RePlay, but I don't usually get around to watching it until Sunday. Watched two episodes today and there were two quotes in different episodes that just hit me with their stupidity.

The first was from Flavia Colgan, a Democratic strategist:

The battleground states, the 19 battleground states that most people agree will decide this election

Umm, you may be a hottie, but doesn't it go without saying that the battleground states are the states that will decide the election? That's WHY THEY ARE FREAKIN' BATTLEGROUND STATES - because they are states that can be fought over, because they can swing both ways.

The second quote was from Barbara Hall, creator of the CBS (what is it with CBS?) show "Joan of Arcadia":

speculate- I want him to talk about the draft.
I want him to say that Bush could draft your son or daughter because I think that is, could be true and I think that Bush has built a fine campaign on things that could be true

Never mind that the Democrats are the only people pushing to reinstate the draft as some sort of class warfare thing. I like how she says that you should build a campaign on things that might be true. Anything might be true. So maybe Bush should build his campaign on statements that Kerry has sexual relations with sheep. I don't think he has. But it could be true.


At 10:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

George Bush took us to war, and as Commander-in-Chief he is solely responsible for where we are today.

At 8:58 AM, Blogger mad anthony said...

w00t! My first troll. I've hit the big time!


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