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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Putting process above security...

A NY judge has ordered the release of RNC protesters who haven't been processed yet because it's not fair to them.

Some of the protesters at the RNC have beaten a cop unconcious, set a float on fire, and countless other acts. The people who have been arrested aren't warm fuzzy children. They are the worst of the protesters - people who were violent, disruptive, who flouted permit laws and other requirements designed to protect both the speech of the protesters and the property of New Yorkers. And the Judge thinks that these people should not be inconvinienced. NY has had tens of thousands of protesters, some violent, show up from all over the country (and some from abroad). It's going to take longer than usual to process them - that's reality, not some sort of crushing of dissent. This NY Daily News sums up the stupidity of complaining protesters

The NYPD sums it up best:
We can't just open the jails of the city of New York and let everybody out," Cardozo said. "We're not trying to flout your honor's order. ... We're doing everything humanly possible."

The legal team for the protesters were glad:
They have to release them right now," said veteran civil rights attorney Norman Siegel. "The judge, to his credit, said, `Enough

Too bad that the legal observers don't care about the rights of the cops not to be beaten.

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