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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I hate these filthy neutrals Kif!

The general view on the outcome of the elections seems to be that it's going to come down to a few swing voters in a few key swing states (Florida, Ohio, PA, ect). Both parties are trying to tailor their messages and their ad spending to target these people. But what I can't figure out is who these people are.

If you are a swing voter, it seems that you would consider voting for either candidate - so it would seem that you don't go for the Bush Lied/BUSH=HITLER/Halliburton conspiracy of the left, but you also have doubts about Bush.

Maybe it's just my view on the right, but the election seems pretty clear to me. Bush sees the world the way I see it - as a struggle for the very continuation of civilization, democracy and captialism versus radical Islamists who want to kill everyone who isn't a radical Islamist. This is a battle that they have been fighting with us for years (the '93 World Trade center bombings, Kobar Towers, USS Cole, Tanzania and Kenya embassy bombings, ect) but that we only realized we were fighting on 9/11. Kerry and crew don't see it that way - they think this is something that we can just ignore, something where making friends with France and Germany is more important than fighting for our survival.

On the domestic side, the division seems to be as strongly divided. The Republicans view of America is as a place where people generally suceed on their own merits, where people for the most part can be trusted to make choices. On the Kerry/Edwards side there are two Americas, and if you are sucessful, or want to have the opportunity to be sucessful, you are on the wrong side, and anything you have is taken from some little girl with no coat. The Kerry pie doesn't get bigger, it just that some people are taking other people's slices.

I'm guessing that the swing voters don't see the division so radically. But it seems like the only way you could do that is to ignore what's been going on in the world for the last 3 years - and it's kind of scary that those are the people who are going to be deciding who is in charge for the next 4 years is.

BTW, the title is once again a Furturama referance.


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