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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Guess Michelle doesn't want to cuddle..

Michelle Malkin is making fun of cuddle parties. OK, people putting on pajamas and hugging people they just met is a little wierd, but whatever floats your boat. And when it includes things like An exotic dancer, Jade Patten, 25, massages the hand of a 28-year-old Web site developer named Robbe Richman I can see the appeal - it's not every day you get to jump into bed with a stripper for $30, even though there is no nudity or anything beyond kissing allowed.

Michelle ends with this line: Have you heard of anything so self-indulgently 9/10? What will it take for these people to grow up?

Gee, I didn't realize we weren't allowed to have fun anymore. Obviously, we are a terror target, and people should be viligant in their daily lives, but we still go on with our lives, and we can still enjoy ourselves. Besides, I can't think of anything that would piss radical Muslims off more than men and women wearing pajamas touching each other.


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