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Friday, July 23, 2004

You know those little balls you put on your antenna so you can find it in parking lots? Well, I think all cars should have them...

One of my housemates is moving out, and he had the cable and DSL in his name. He has to cancel it, and I have to get it connected. I had taken today off anyway to burn off some time, so now I'm waiting for the cable guy, who is supposed to be here between one and five. Comcast even called me to tell me that, despite having already told me that over the phone when I called them the first time. If they are going to call, couldn't they give a more specific time?

Anyway, I had to unhook all the old cable boxes to give them back. Mine was plugged into my TV stand, which meant I had to unplug it. Of course, the stand gives a tiny opening in the back - it's covered with those thin wood panels, which is pointless since they cover the back. It literally took me about a half hour to find the power plug for the cable box in the mess of wires.

Which brings me to the title of this post. Someone somewhere got the idea of putting a white stripe on the side of the power cord, presumably so you could distinguish it from all the other power cords. It was apparently such a good idea that now EVERY power cord has one. Out of the 6 things I had plugged in, five had the stripe, making it near impossible to figure out which plug is which.

And it's 3pm and the cable people still aren't here. Grr.


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