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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Pourin' out some hot sauce for my departed homies at the T-Bell..

I work at a college, and one of the perks was that we've had an on-campus Taco Bell Express for several years. Being both fat and cheap, I was a huge fan. There are few other resturants in the world - especially in the closed world of a college campus - where one can get $3 worth of food and feel so full that you felt sick. Taco Bell was that kind of place.

Sadly, the on-campus Taco Bell is no more. It's being replaced by something called "salsa Rico" -which is apparently an in-house brand owned by Sudexho.. They are on a bunch of Sudexho-fed campuses. Looking at price lists on Other college's websites, the prices are WAY higher than taco bell - and they don't even make plain beef tacos.

I'm a big fan of capitalism, and I guess all is fair, but it's sad to see a company that has an exclusive contract with a college take steps to limit choices and raise prices, considering how popular Taco Bell was with the students.

Looks like I will probably be brown-bagging my lunch once the school year starts.


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