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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I think Lileks is talking about me...

Towards the bottom

This is another thing I’ve learned about the installation business: the people who pretend to listen to your problems are playing Minesweeper on their computers. They send all the installers out cold, with general hints: customer having problem with signal. It’s like writing “patient ill” on every hospital admission form. Eh, why get specific. The doctor will figure it out.

I work in phone tech support, although for computers at a college, not for a satellite TV, and I take offense at his suggestion that people who do phone support sit around playing minesweeper. In fact, we actually sit around playing Zuma.

However, screwups happen on both sides... I've put in work orders, only to have techs ask me questions that were answerd in the body of the work order. And we frequently have customers who aren't exactly sure what they want


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