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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Now I'll know where they put my sheetz...

I'm a big fan of giant convenience stores - the kind of place where you can get reasonably priced gas, decent hot food, and coffee that doesn't taste like brown water. The two best, at least around the way I travel, are Sheetz and WaWa. They recently opened a Sheetz in Harrisburg, on the way to and from my parents house, and I've been stopping there, despite the fact that it's on a less than convenient exit - getting back on I-83 South involves a couple-mile trip down a surface street, followed by a few sharp turns on narrow roads. They are pretty much the only place I've found fountain Diet Mountain Dew, plus you can get two passable hot dogs for a buck.

So I happened to be killing time on their website and noticed they have something very cool - GPS POI (Point of Interest) files for Garmin/Magellan and Tom-Tom GPS Devices.

I'm the proud owner of a Tom-Tom One (second edition, refurb) that I bought a couple months ago after bricking my Pharos Drivemate after trying to hack it, and then playing with bsom's Tom-Tom. Of course, a few weeks after I bought it all kinds of deals popped up to get it cheaper, but it's still well worth the money.

Now if only there were actually some Sheetz the way I drive to work...


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