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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Defending T-bell

mad anthony doesn't eat a whole lot of fast food. This is more because mad anthony is cheap and making a half-assed effort to watch what he eats than any sort of elitist protest against it's taste or quality. I've realized I can generally make my own food at home cheaper than fast food - even if I rely heavily on frozen and premade ingredients, and I usually need to drive at least slightly out of my way to pick up fast food.

But when I do eat fast food, Taco Bell is often where I go. It helps that there is one practically around the corner from Casa De Mad, and it's open at stupidly late hours, like until 3am on weekends. It also helps that some of their food is actually not all that unhealthy if you order it Fresco style, and that it's insanely cheap.

So I'm not all that worried about the fact that they are getting sued for having beef that isn't beefy enough. The fact that the non-beef stuff is water, spices, and fillers like soy and oats is one reason I'm not concerned.

But reading this story on Consumerist and on another message board I read seems to bring out the usual Taco Bell bashers. I haven't found it to make me poop any more than any other fast food place. And yes, it's not authentic Mexican food - in the same way that General Tso's Chicken and fortune cookies aren't authentically Chinese - they are still tasty. And did I mention cheap? The 99-cent bean burritos are possibly the most filling thing that you can buy for under a dollar.

So the next time I need a late dinner, there's a pretty good chance I'll be at the Taco Bell drive- thru, ordering a couple fresco style 38% ground beef crunchy tacos.


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