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Saturday, March 07, 2009

If only my life was more like a teenage sex romp movie...

There were a group of us from work who used to gather at a nearby bar on Friday nights after work - it was a good chance to unwind, talk, and eat greasy food. That tradition came to an end, thanks to a combination of the bar being sold (and the new owners making it kind of suck) and the fact that two of the regulars, bsom and his wife t, had a kid, sharply cutting into the amount of time they could spend sitting in bars on Friday nights.

So yesterday we decided to bring the party to them, so to speak, and got Chinese food and ate it at their house. Sex Drive.

Now, I'm not a big movie fan - I tend to have a short attention span. I don't like sitting down for two hours watching the same thing. But I have to admit it was actually pretty good. It had the teen formula love story, where two people who obviously belong together spend the majority of the movie avoiding getting together (spoiler alert, but even I could see this coming and I don't watch many movies) before finally figuring it out. But it had a lot of funny if crude jokes, great lines, sight gags, cute girls, and car chases to be worth it.

But I'm probably also the only person who watches movies like this and feels a little sad. Because my high school experience - and indeed, my life in general - is nothing like this. It's hard to feel too bad about an 18 year old who is complaining that he can't get laid and can't figure out women when you are, like me, a 28 year old who can't get laid and can't figure out women. And unlike movies of this genre, where everyone seems to find the perfect person and wind up happy at the end, I haven't, and I'm not sure I ever will, or even how to go about trying to.


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