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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

scenes from work, employee compensation edition

mad anthony: So I guess we have this event coming up that requires IT support early in the morning. So if I come in at 6am like I have in previous years, will I get paid for it with our new OT policy.

mad anthony's boss: I guess, if we can get it approved in advance.

mad anthony: well, either way I've got to come in. It's just a question of if I'll get paid for it.

ma's boss: it would be illegal for you to work and not get paid for it.

ma: well, I guess you could give me comp time instead, and I could just not use it.

ma's boss: umm, we can't give you comp time. You've got a ton of leave you haven't used. And it's still illegal if we give you comp time and you don't use it.

ma: then, umm, sure, I'll use it. (winks).

ma's boss: I don't think so.


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