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Saturday, January 03, 2009

The pictoral evolution of madanthony....

So I have had a sort of holiday tradition for the last couple years - I have my parents take a picture of me every year when I visit for Christmas. It's a good way of charting changes in appearance. Back in March of 2005 I started getting serious about losing weight, and over the course of two years I dropped about 90 pounds. I've also made a few changes through the years - I toyed with bleaching my hair, I grew a beard, and I finally got new glasses. Overall, I think I look a lot better than I did 4 years ago, although it hasn't really helped with the ladies.

So here we go. Photo credit goes to my dad. This was the first time he used my new DSLR, which is why this year's pic isn't as full-length as I would have liked - the other pics came out blurry.

mad anthony, December 2004

mad anthony, December 2005

mad anthony, December 2006

mad anthony, December 2007

mad anthony, January 2009


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