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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The last hamfest of 2008...

So today was the Mason-Dixon Hamfest (gotta love a website that still uses the blink tag) at the Carroll County Ag Center in Westminster, MD.

Of course, I went. I got there around 6:15, and it was pretty much empty. bsom came later. I was hoping to hold a spot so he could park next to me, and pulled in towards the end when I got there. Alas, the guy behind me pulled right next to me, and someone pulled in the spot next to me before I could move some stuff into the spot to save it.

Sales were pretty slow. I did wander a few times, and since bsom ended up setting up a row away, didn't have anyone to watch my table while I was gone, which might not have helped sales. I ended up grossing $209 (plus some quarters). Over half of that was from selling the last two of my servers from the CMAT auction. I've been trying to unload them for a while, so I was glad to get rid of them.

The only thing I bought was a Casio CT-360 keyboard for $15. I was hoping that it was one of the models that goes for a premium on eBay for circuit bending, but alas it looks like it's only worth about $10. Oh well.

I didn't see much of bsom - he came late, left early, and was set up on the other side of the field. Hopefully next time I can actually save a spot next to me - it's a lot easier being able to watch each other's tables, plus it's nice to have someone to talk to when sales are slow.

This is the last hamfest for a while - usually the next one is at the end of January in Odenton. I haven't seen any info on that yet, though. Hopefully I'll be able to stockpile some decent inventory before then. Now that I've got a break, I desperately need to clean the basement room where I store my inventory - I've got some stuff I should just give up on and throw out, some stuff that probably is worth enough to ebay, and a bunch of empty/half-empty boxes that need to be consolidated.


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