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Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm going to be very tired very soon...

So I think I'll be getting a total of about 8 hours of sleep this weekend.

Well, maybe not quite. But it's going to be a hellish weekend.

I'm at work right now at our grad center, filling in for someone who is on vacation. It's super-slow, because we only have one class in session, and it's a low-maintenance class at that. That isn't to say I'm doing nothing, though - since I knew it was going to be slow, I dragged four laptops with me from main campus - 3 macbooks needing about a year's worth of updates on Mac and Windows Bootcamp, plus an IBM that needs a complete restore, so those are running updates while I type this post. I arguably didn't have to take them with me, and could probably have gotten more overtime if I'd done them some other time, but it's gotten to the point where I've got more work that needs to get done than I do time to work overtime.

Tomorrow I have a Hamfest in Westminster. I'm hoping to sell some stuff and get some much-needed money, as well as get rid of some crap. That's at 6am in Westminster, so I need to be out the door around 5am. I'm supposed to be at work tomorrow at 1pm to try to get some more machines set up - I've got 3 more laptops and a pile of desktops sitting at my desk. The idea is that this is the kind of stuff that I can get done without users being around, so I can do the actual installs and the like when they are.

I'm already tired - I had to be here at 7:30, and I didn't get to sleep until after 1am last night - I was packing and pricing stuff for Hamfest. I have some errands and church tonight, so I probably won't get home until 6:30 or so, after which I need to load the truck, eat dinner, finish pricing/signs/packing for tomorrow, and still get to bed early enough to be up around 4am, so I don't have bsom on my door at 5am calling my cell to wake me up.

I have more equipment coming in this week to set up. I've already promised some friends I'd hang out on Monday, so I can only put in an hour or two then. I'd hate to miss my Wednesday night auction, but I guess every other night is fair game. Normally work just cuts into my leisure time, but at some point it's going to start bumping into the few social events I have, and that's when I need to start making some hard choices.

Actually, that's not even totally true. I've already been horrible about making it to the gym - in the last week, I went one day - and my pants are letting me know this. This wasn't due entirely to work - my older brother was down here visiting early this week, which killed Monday and Tuesday night, and my weekly auction was Wednesday. Yesterday was the only day I went, and only because I passed up a chance to go with bsom to see our old landlord.

I hate having to give up my gym time - it's one of the few things I've generally been good about following through on, and losing weight has been one of the few things where I haven't been a total failure at. I've had other periods in the past I've been bad about the gym, and the limited summer hours don't help - at least once school starts, I can work a few hours overtime and still go, instead of having them be closed by then. Still, if I ever want to attract women, or at least not die at 55, I need to get more than 1 90-minute workout a week. My hope for the summer was to lose 10 pounds - instead, I've probably gained 15, which makes it all that harder once I start getting back to exercise and not eating dinner at Dunkin' Donuts


At 4:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, I could see you wanting to "tone up" but you certainly don't look like you need to lose weight -unless you photoshopped that picture you recently posted wearing the "I'm blogging this" shirt.


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