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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Keeping cool, but I can feel my wallet shrinking...

I had to do something today that pained me. Something I knew I would have to do eventually, but kept putting off, dreading the day I would have to actually do it.

No, I didn't ask a girl out. I turned on the air conditioning.

I'm notorious for not turning the air conditioning on unless I'm about to pass out. I've had people come over and complain about the heat. My mantra is generally that if it's under 100 degrees, I refuse to turn it on. It's expensive (and getting more expensive, thanks to recent rate increases) and I'd rather have a few extra dollars in my pockets and a feeling of having beat "the man" than sit in a climate-controlled house.

But today I turned it on, even though it was only in the mid-90's. Why? Because I'm a pussy? No, because I have a pussy. I'm not sure how Nibbler would fare under 95 degree humid conditions. I mean, I don't mind suffering through sweat, but I'm not covered with a thick layer of black fur (ok, I am hairy like a gorilla, but still...). I think she would probably be OK, but I don't want to take the risk.

So I'm spending money keeping my house cool for the benefit of a cat - a cat that has been biting me every time I pet her, a cat that doesn't seem to want to spend time on my lap or in my bed anymore. I guess pussy does rule my life, and I don't even have a girlfriend.


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