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Monday, April 07, 2008

What can brown break for you, part deux...

So I've had more fun experiences with my broken modem claim from UPS.

I got a vm a few days ago from a UPS claim rep. She asked me a few questions, mostly trying to get a replacement cost for the broken modem - I had to keep explaining that it wasn't something I could just go out and buy another of. Finally, she told me that they would call back in two days if they had any questions, and if not I should get my check in 10 days for the $102.50 that the modem sold for, plus $7 and change for shipping. She also asked where the item was, and I told her that I didn't know and explained about the delivery attempt to my old address.

So a few days later, I get home and find a box sitting on my front porch, which was odd since I didn't remember ordering anything recently. It's the remains of my modem. I open the box and the thing is even worse than the pictures made it look - it crumbles like a broken saltine cracker when I pick it up, and the box is full of white powder from the pulverized case.

So yesterday, I get a vm on my cell from UPS that they will be by tomorrow to pick up a package, and if I'm not home they will leave a notice with additional info. I figure this is about the modem, but since they never called me to tell me to send it back, I figure I'll see what the notice says.

So I get home today. No notice. Then my cell rings. It's my old landlord, telling me they got a notice that they tried to pick up the modem. I call UPS, and they confirm that they did try to pick it up, and they will come to my actual address on Wednesday to pick it up.

She also tells me that they sent my check.... to my old address.

Evidently, they used the address on my account, which I never changed, and which can only be changed by calling UPS. The account department wasn't open when I called - I have to call back tomorrow. Sure, I should have changed my address. Still, the claim form I filled out specifically asked where I wanted the check sent. You think that's where they would send it. It's a good thing I'm still on good terms with my old landlord, or I'd be screwed.

So the lessons I got out of this:

1. When shipping UPS, overpack everything, because occasionally they beat the shit out of your package, and will try to get out of paying if they can find fault.

2. If you have a claim and get denied, complain. I get the feeling they deny almost all their claims, but pay them if you make the slightest complaint.

3. If you move, update your address on your account immediately, or it might come back to haunt you.


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