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Monday, March 10, 2008

What I did on my second wild night in Indy...

So I'm alone, in a new city, with an evening free. So what exciting things did I do?

Went shopping, of course. There's something comforting about being 600 miles away from home, and able to go through the clearance sections of the same chain stores I do at home. Well, maybe not, but there's always the hope that I'll find something profitable.

Where did I go?

Well, I hit a Staples, an Office Depot and a Salvation Army and found nothing of interest.

Then I went to a Goodwill. What's funny is when I went to NY with BSOM, we stopped at a Goodwill and he found a $3 programmable Casio keyboard that he ended up selling on eBay for $100. He told me I should hit up any thrift stores I find and see if they have any keyboards. And at Goodwill, I spotted... a programmable Casio keyboard. I paid $6.99, and it looks like it's "only" worth around $50, but not bad - it will pay for a tank of gas.

I also hit another Goodwill with nothing. An OfficeMax - a chain that has pulled out of the East Coast - nothing. And I stopped at Target - not just any Target, but a SuperTarget, which also sells groceries. So while I didn't get any great clearance deals, I did buy something I've never been able to buy at a Target before - a case of beer. Specifically, Goose Island Honker Ale, a beer I had years ago on a trip to Chicago but isn't sold on the East Coast.

And then I got Chinese food, and ate it in front of the TV.

My hotel key can be used to get free use of a gym across the street from my hotel, so I should probably hit it at least once or twice while I'm here. I was tired tonight and didn't feel like it, but I should try it tomorrow. I also want to hit Fry's this week. I'm hoping to get out of class early enough on Friday to check out the Indy speedway, but we'll see.


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