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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We're the brains of this school.....

So I went upstairs this morning to the tech services breakroom to get a cup of coffee. Our coffee isn't great, but it's free, and it's there, and I'm a hardcore caffine addict who gets headaches if I don't get enough of that french-roasted liquid crack.

So next to the coffee pot is a bottle of some sort of coffee pot cleaning solution. And on top of it is a post-it note that says "cleaner - DO NOT DRINK"

Now, we are a fairly smart lot - about half of us have master's degrees in something. We're responsible for maintaining the servers that run mail and file sharing for 30,000 accounts, for about 2500 faculty and staff desktops, for machines and presentation equipment in labs, and for the databases that hold all of the student records.

And yet, evidently, we can't figure out that you shouldn't drink cleaning fluid.


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