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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Missing Baltimore...

So I'll be in Jersey for a little over a day longer - I'm heading back to "the city that bleeds" Sunday morning.

I have to say that I'm really missing the B-more. It's nice to be in the house where you grew up, to spend time with your parents, to eat home cooking, to not have to do much of anything.

But this isn't what I'm used to, and I miss the little things about being on my own. The privacy of being able to do what I want. Not having to eat or wake up or go places on someone else's schedule. Having friends and hangouts nearby.

And I miss my stuff - my cat, my bed (which is bigger than the one at the 'rents house), my computer with the two displays and the hard drives full of movies and music. My Wii and my bookshelf full of books and my wireless router and my RePlayTV full of shows and did I mention my cat?

I feel guilty for feeling this way - I should be spending time with my parents. They seem to enjoy having me up here, and yet I'm thinking of how I can shorten the time I spend up here next year. I'm probably a horrible person and a horrible son for even thinking these things. But while I do enjoy them being around, I also enjoy my freedom, and I miss it.


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