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Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's been that kind of week...

Some people make charts or put entries in calendars to figure out things like how much they are working out. I have a better system - I look at the trash in the trash bag in my truck.

I keep a plastic grocery bag tucked into the dashboard of my Ranger. I usually drink a Propel every time I go to the gym, and finish it on the drive home. So if at the end of the week I have a bag full of empty Propel bottles, it's been a good week.

There haven't been many propel bottles in my trash the last couple weeks. In fact, in the last two weeks, I've made it to the gym 3 times, when most weeks I would have gone almost daily. I've also been eating the worst foods imaginable - I've been living off fast food, college cafeteria food, vending machine candy, chinese food, and cereal. Tonights dinner was a cliff bar and pack of Tastycake butterscotch crimpets.

Why? It's move-in week at the college I work at, and shit just keeps hitting the fan. I've been working late every night, mostly until 8 or 9. So I do my normal job - run around to people's desks to fix their computers and have them yell at me because stuff doesn't work - for 8 hours or so, and then I sit on the phones for another 4 hours or so while students yell at me because their internet done broke. I've logged something like 35 hours of overtime the last week. This is great for my bottom line - I'm hoping to get some of my debt, like the loan on my truck, paid off in the near future - but I feel like shit. Between not getting a whole lot of sleep , eating diet consisting entirely of processed sugar and grease, not getting any exersize, and having to deal with people complaining and computers that won't cooperate for 12 hours a day, I feel.. just bad. There isn't a better way to describe it. I wake up tired and sore, go to sleep tired and sore, and am tired, sore and grumpy for much of the day.

I know in another week or two things will get back to somewhat normal, and I'll feel better. And I'll have made a metric assload of money. But right now I just want to curl up and go to sleep, and I can't.

The other thing that sucks is I haven't really had any time to spend with Nibbler. I've been keeping her in my basement family room, because I'm not entirely sure the rest of the house is quite kitten-proof yet, and I feel bad about it. When I come home at 9:30 or so she starts meowing frantically, the way she did in the cat carrier on the way home. She's been very aggressive the last couple days, pouncing on nothing (I bought her a stuffed possum with a rattle, which seems to love, and I'm convinced if Casa De Mad ever gets infested with possum, they will be so dead). She keeps rubbing against me in the morning when I check her food and water before I roll out to work, and I feel bad, but I gotta earn them dollars. I figure I'll give her run of the house this weekend, when I'll actually be around, and see how things go. I'm still scheduled to work some overtime next week, but I don't think it will be as much as this week (although I wasn't scheduled to work nearly as many hours as I did), so hopefully next week I can catch up on my cat-bonding and my sleep.

Assuming I can make it through the next day or so without having a nervous breakdown or falling asleep driving home.


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