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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

MadAnthony's brother visits...

I took the day off from work today. My older brother hadn't seem Casa De Mad, my sprawling townhouse in the rolling plains of White Marsh, and came down from New Jersey to see it. He visited a college buddy of his last night, as I was working late ('cuz Mad Anthony gotta stack those dollars).

So this morning I hit the treadmill, took a shower, threw on shorts and my Enjoy Capitalism t-shirt. I run some errands, which include getting stuck behind a truck hauling a modular office that had managed to get stuck on the exit ramp to Pulaski Highway. There was a follow car with lights behind it, but it wasn't helping. I finally put the Ranger in 4wd, drove across the dirt between the exit and on ramp, and got back on 695 and drove to the next exit and back. When I finally got back, the truck was still there. Wonder if it ever got out.

My brother came over when I got back, and I gave him the grand tour. He was impressed and called it "cavernous" at one point. He recently bought a 1-bedroom condo, so my townhouse is big in comparison (evidently, Maryland real estate prices are still cheaper than NJ).

He went back to his hotel for a while and then came back to go to dinner. We went to the Outback steakhouse, and then to Vaccaro's in Little Italy. Where I had one of those huh? experiences.

We got there and there was a wait for a table. In front of us were a rather cute, tall blond woman and her kind of greasy boyfriend. She was pretty, in an artsy sort of way. We ended up at a table behind her and her significant other. So I'm tucking into a slice of hazelnut chocolate cake and a Vaccaro's Cappacinio (made with cream instead of milk) when I hear a female voice going "hi". and again. I realize she's the blond chick is talking to me and look up. "I like your shirt". Surprised, I reply "thanks". She continues "I noticed it when you first came in". I say thanks again, and then she turns around.

I expected that if I got any reaction to the "Enjoy Capitalism" shirt, that it would be negative, so I was surprised. I also wished I could have come up with something more clever than a stammered thanks. Of course, I also wish she didn't have a man...


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