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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Scenes from lunch, freakonomics edition

coworker: It would be cool to live somewhere like Massachusetts where you get a refund on cans.

Mad Anthony: It gives people an incentive to recycle. Plus, it gives bums a source of income.

CW: true. I was at a New Year's party in Boston, and we had to chase people out of the backyard who were stealing our cans.

MA: It would be interesting to study if places with can deposits have more homeless people. Do they migrate to areas where they have a source of income? Does the income make it more likely that they can choose the homeless lifestyle? Do places with can deposits require fewer social programs? Do homeless people there have a better standard of living?

CW: Umm....

MA: Seriously, I find this facinating. (pause). Maybe this is why I'm still single...


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