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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another hamfest post...

Today was the MaFM Hamfest at the scenic howard county fairgrounds.

It went pretty well. I grossed around $270, not bad for a morning's work. I bought a box of 20 pounds of seized airport pocket knives (196 knives) for $45 on eBay, and had good luck selling them for $2 each or 3 for $5.

Weather was decent - no rain, although it was warm and I got a bit of a sunburn. Got there around 6:15AM, left around 11:30.

I bought three things, all from the same women - a TI-82 calculator and two apple laptop power supplies (a hockey puck and a white cube one) $12 for all 3 items. I haven't tested them, and the power supplies are missing the cord part, but I figured it was worth the gamble.

One annoying thing, though. Evidently, during a brief period where I went to browse other vendors' tables, some cute nerdy chick stopped by our table and was talking to BSOM and Mike the Student. Women are fairly rare at hamfest - most people there are middle aged and elderly men - and single women even rarer. I spent almost the whole time at the table, and it figures that that was the only time I was gone. Didn't see her through the whole 'fest. Sometimes I feel like there is a cloud that follows around me - every time something could almost happen for me, something blocks me. Some minor decision, like buying a bacon egg and cheese sandwich, stands between me and lifelong happyness.

But at least I made some money.


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