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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What, I don't get a police escort....

When you drive through Baltimore on a regular basis, you see some crazy shit. Pickup trucks with more crap than you thought gravity would permit to put in them, cars that look like they tangled with a crusher and lost, and people doing stuff like driving on bare rims for 2 miles.

But sometimes you see something and you aren't even sure what you just saw. I was coming back from a charity auction at the college I work at tonight. bsom mentioned that he had to stop at Home Depot. Since there are always things I could use from the 'Depot for projects I plan to get to eventually (like replacing the knobs in my three step kitchen (as the listing realtor described it). So I'm stopped at the traffic light at Charles and Northern Parkway. I see a couple cops on motorcycles fly up. One stays in the intersection, the rest keep going, and the one who stops stops traffic on Charles even though we had a green light. Several more convoys of police motorcycles fly by. A couple more cops stop in the interesection, also on motorcycles.

Then BSOM calls my blackberry from his Vibe behind me and asks "WTF?". My sentiments exactly. That's when it gets interesting. A convoy of limos starts flying up Northern. Mostly your standard Town Car limos, but a couple Excursion limos, a few Chrysler 300's, one that appeared to be based on the new Chrysler Aspen SUV, and one that looked like it was made from a late-60's Chevy Suburban. Probably about 30 or more, trailed by a Baltimore City Crown Vic.

After they pass, the cops keep going and we are finally allowed to go, about 3 light cycles after we go.

So I wonder who was important enough to hold up my trip - who has that many limos going to the same place? Where were they going? How much tax money went to paying police to shelter this convoy?

And what does MadAnthony have to do to get a police escort and traffic control for, say, his morning commute?


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