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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Well, we lost...

I was hoping that the absentee ballots would be enough to make a Republican victory in Maryland, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. So it was a pretty disappointing evening for MadAnthony in terms of Republican victory.

I do think it's interesting the spin that the Sun is giving on it. They say that the Republican strategy of trying to get more African-Americans to vote Republican was a failure, since only 1 in 4 voted Republican. True, but considering that Bush's numbers among African-Americans were 9% and 11%, it seems like the Repubs made quite a bit of headway, even if it wasn't enough to win. And the fact that it was a fairly close race in Maryland, a state liberal enough to try to pass a law specifically targeted at Wal-Mart, combined with Leiberman's beatdown of Ned "Netroots" Lamont, suggests that even if Americans dislike the Republicans, they aren't thrilled with the Dems either.

So life will go on, even if Anthony's taxes rise. I think that getting a stable and free Iraq is good for America and for the world, and I think the chances of that happening are slimmer with more Dems in power. I also think Republicans are better for the economy.

But I always laugh at liberals who complain about how America under Bush is unliveable, as if you can't walk down the street without getting strip searched and beaten. I also get a kick out of people who bitch about the "crushing of dissent", despite the fact that they are dissenting and not being crushed. So I'm not going to get overly dramatic and claim that life as we know it is ending and that I'm moving to another country. I might wish different people were in power, but I don't think there is, or ever has been, a country that I would be better off in than I am in America right now.


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