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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wake me up before you go go...

I've read a number of profiles of sucessful CEO's and many of them have a common theme - that they survive on only a few hours of sleep a night.

That is something I aspire to. I've been looking though my schedule and trying to figure out why I don't get many of the things done that I want to do. The problem with my schedule is that huge blocks of time are locked up either on things I have to do or things I really want to do - 10 hours of work (including lunch and commute time), 2 hours at the gym, 4 hours of class (including drive time) on nights I have class. These are all things I view as "value added" activities that I can't or shouldn't give up. I also usually spend a few hours on Saturday morning going to yard sales, but I don't really want to give this up unless I have to - I enjoy it and occasionally make or save money by going to them. Same with my sunday-morning sale shopping.

So there are only three things I can really come up with that waste time - watching TV, drinking, and sleeping. I try not to watch TV unless I'm doing something else at the same time, like eating or cleaning. I don't really drink anymore, because it makes me tired and incoherent. So that leaves sleeping. I often get 6-8 hours of sleep, and I feel that's way too much. But I seem to be pretty weak - one night last week I came home at 9pm and went straight to bed, and didn't wake up until 6 the next morning.

I kwow sleeping too much is a sign of depression or physical illness, and I'm hoping I'm not suffering from one of those things.

So my new goal is to start sleeping less. Ideally I'd like to get down to 4 hours a night, but I think I may be too weak.

Staying up late is easy. The hard part is getting up in the morning. I've been trying to get to bed later, but I've also been waking up disturbingly late the last couple days - I didn't get out of bed this morning until 7:13, which is a problem since I usually leave for work around 7:20. I made it out the door by 7:35 and was at work on time, but I'm worried about cutting it too close.

And I still feel kind of shitty - sore and tired. I already abuse caffine pretty heavily, so I think I'm at the point where it's not going to help me a whole lot. I'm hoping if I can keep the whole less sleep thing up, eventually I will get used to it. The problem is that in the meantime, I'm awake but feel shitty, and then my awake time isn't as value-added, because I feel crappy and thus don't want to do homework or exersize or list stuff on eBay, which is the whole point of trying to sleep less in the first place.

So I think I may end up being too weak to overcome my body's need to sleep.

Or maybe I just need to start using meth.
But there are a lot of things I would


At 9:15 PM, Blogger Muneer said...

I would... ?

Anyways, if you excersized more and were healthier you would need to sleep less.


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