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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pressed for time....

If you check this blog more than once a month, you've probably noticed it's kind of empty of late. MadAnthony has been busy. He's not quite sure doing what though.

My time seems to be gone. I don't have time to do the little things. There is a huge pile of unread newspapers, still in the plastic bag they get delivered in, scattered throughout the first floor of Casa De Mad. I keep having to go through my RePlay DVR - which can store 65 hours of TV on it's hard drive - and delete shows that I haven't watched, just so I don't run out of space to record other shows that I don't have time to watch either. And my house is scattered with detritious - boxes, bubble wrap, dirty clothes, ski boots - that I haven't had time to clean up, throw out, or put away.

I'm not sure where it's going. I only seem to be getting a couple hours of overtime a week, if any - I'm not working on Saturdays anymore, which I did for nearly 3 years (and god do I miss the money). I'm taking two grad classes this semester, but so far I haven't had a whole lot of homework in either of them (which scares me, because they both have significant projects/homework later in the semester, and if I can't fit stuff in then, how will I do it later?).

I do know where some of the time goes. I now spend about an hour and half round trip between commuting and getting to work early enough to get a good parking space - when I lived in the city and worked an earlier shift with easier parking, I spent about 25 minutes in the car. I've also been trying to go to the gym and use the treadmill in my basement, which eats up time. I've been yardsale-ing most Saturdays (although that will probably come to an end soon as the weather gets colder).

The thing is that none of these things are things I want to give up, or in most cases can. So I guess my decisions are rational - it makes more sense for me to go to work, go to the gym, and to sleep than to watch TV, clean, or read the paper, so I do the former and put off the later. If I was going to make a list - start with a blank schedule and try to list the things that I want or need to do most, it would look pretty much the same way that my life has been going. And as much as I hate to look to the future instead of living in the past, I'm thinking next semester may be easier - I only have one class left to take next semester, so I'll have more time to allocate to doing other stuff, like doing stuff around the house. I was thinking about starting another Master's program in the fall, but now I'm wondering if I'm better off reallocating that time to other things - like maybe developing some sort of social life. We'll see...


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