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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mother nature is a bitch...

Every year, my friend bsom's neigbor has a yard sale. (They are avid yardsalers, and we've run into them at various yard sales in the past couple months). They offer to let the neigbors freeload on their ads/signs, and bsom invited me to drag some stuff over. I figured it would be a good chance to get rid of some of my crappier inventory - the remains of my pallet of ski boots, a bunch of cell phone stuff I purchased at an auction, and some other hamfest stuff. So Friday night I threw a bunch of boxes and a folding table in the back of the Ranger and drove a few blocks away to bsom's house. I figured it wasn't costing me anything, so anything I sold would be a win, and even if I didn't sell anything I'd get to hang out outside and shoot the shit for a couple hours.

All week they had been predicting rain. But it wasn't raining on Saturday morning, so they decided to go ahead with the sale. So we dragged everything out. And then it started misting. And then it started pouring. We covered everything up. And then it stopped raining. So we uncovered everything. And then it started raining, then pouring. So we dragged everything inside. Not too much longer after that, it stopped, but by then most of the customers had given up, and most of our stuff was pretty damp.

I made a whole $10.25, but I ended up buying a book from bsom's girlfriend, so I really only made $10. And that doesn't count spending on gas, or my cup of 7-11 coffee.

And I've got ski boots spread out drying in my basement. Luckily, ski boots are designed to be waterproof (although the boxes aren't) and most of the other stuff was plastic wrapped. But it was a miserable experience.

So I'm not a big fan of rain. And it's been raining a lot the last week, which has made my commute even more miserable than normal - it seems that Marylanders forget how to drive when it rains. (and yes, I know that people will point out that MadAnthony learned how to drive in New Jersey, a state not known for it's great drivers. Two years ago, I wrote a post that I think will explain why I think thatBaltimore drivers are worse). On Friday - the one day that it wasn't raining in the morning - I made it to work about 20 minutes sooner than I normally do, presumably due to the lack of precipitation. Throw in the other unpleasant aspect of rain - the whole "getting wet" thing, something exacerbated by my tendency to never have an umbrella, hat, or hoodie with me - I seem to assume that whatever the weather is when I leave the house is the way the weather will remain for the next 12 hours or so - and it's been a long week. Of course, the fact that I worked two 15 hour days this week, and had class two other days, made me feeling pretty chewed up after the whole Saturday yard sale debacle, which is why I spent most of Saturday afternoon curled up in bed.

BTW, for those wondering, I've sold $240 worth of ski boots (all but $20 of which I've recived payment for already). Considering I paid $105 for the whole pallet, and that ski season hasn't really started and that I still have quite a few left, I think I made a good purchase, even though writing descriptions and dragging these things around has been a PITA.


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