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Thursday, May 04, 2006

What MadAnthony's been doing this week...

Some of the posts on this blog are deep, well thought-out essays on important political topics. Other posts are more of the "what I did this week" variety. This post is of the latter variety. When I started blogging, I figured that most people would want the first. But I've had a few people remark that they prefer the latter. Probably because there are lots of people who know more about politics than I do, but nobody knows me better than me.

So a few updates. As I mentioned a while ago, the Baltimore City Department of Housing found the need to reinspect my apartment building, and I was written up 6 months ago for having a messy room. I did a bunch of cleaning, hid a bunch of stuff in the closet, and prepared for the worst. But according to my landlord, she hardly looked at my room beyond a glance, and was mostly interested in if all the fire alarms worked and the fire extingishers worked. So that's good.

I also had my housing counseling session on Tuesday. It went well- the lady who did it told me that she didn't have any advice, that I was on the right track, and spent most of the time figuring out how much house I could buy given a certain payment and talking about her kids (one of whom does web design for a college in PA and the other who lives at home and works for a financial publishing company. See, I was paying attention.) It did reveil a little about the people who take advantage of the Maryland first-time homebuyer program - broke people. She mentioned that the program requires at least 1% down. I had also asked about PMI, and mentioned that I thought it kicked out once you had paid down to 80% of the homes value. She said she wasn't sure, because it had never come up since she'd never had a client who could put anywhere near 20% down.

So I feel pretty good about the whole homebuying thing. I'm probably going to be meeting with a realtor next week, so we'll see how that goes.

And I'm pretty much done with class for the next month - I have a class on Monday, but I have no real homework left and my presentation done, so it's effectivly over. So I get a month to focus on homebuying and cleaning and ebaying.


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