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Monday, April 17, 2006

Isn't there any larger problems in the city of Baltimore than my messy room?

My landlord informed me that our house is being inspected again in two weeks. Frequent MadAnthony readers will remember that I was cited in December for having a messy room.

Ironically, last time it was a hassle for me to clean up because it was around finals time. So what time of year does this happen? Yup, finals time - the inspection is actually the same day as my final group paper/presentation for my finance class, plus the day before my house buying counseling session.

So in addition to all the other stuff I've got going on, I somehow have to clean up six months worth of crap. And because I've been pretty busy the last 6 months (plus I have a bunch of eBay inventory I was just about to start listing, I have a ton of work. Plus, since she's inspecting the whole house, I can't just pile everything in the basement like I did the last time.

The only good thing is I have an idea what her pet peeves are (wires going across the room, boxes in the space between my bed and the wall) so I can focus on those. But I'm sure she'll find more stuff to complain about.

It amazes me that with all the tumble-down buildings in Baltimore, all the crackheads on my block and throughout Baltimore, that the fact that I have some network cables and extension cords running around my room is one of the most important things for the city to worry about.

My landlord actually mentioned to the inspector that it seemed silly he had to go through another inspection when "the balcony of the house accross the steet FELL OFF THE BUILDING". The inspector told him that those people won't let her in and that the case is tied in court for years. So if you comply with the inspections, you can get fined, but if you don't let them in, you get to ride it out for a while...

I had figured that if I bought a house in the next few months, I wouldn't have to worry about inspections -that it wouldn't be for another year. Turns out that they can inspect any time during the year and that a computer randomly picks which houses to inspect.

Fucking computers.


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