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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Greetings from New Jersey...

Well, I'm at the 'rent's house in NJ now - drove up here today, will be driving back Monday morning (so I can get back to Baltimore in time for my night MBA class Monday night). Got some good home cooking, did a bunch of laundry, got minimal reaction from the parents over the beard.

I have a bunch of stuff to do while I'm here - homework, errands, copies of paperwork for my housing counciling session, ect. But it's still nice to get a change of scenery and see the parents, and get some time off from work.

Drive up was nice - good weather, no rain, warm but not hot. Able to drive with the windows down and the moonroof open. I've been really hating my car lately with all the problems I've been having with it, and I still think the best course of action is to trade it in within the next 6 months or so. But there really are a lot of things I like(d) about the PT Cruiser - it handles well, it accelerates decently, it has a ton of room for stuff like 4 bags of dirty laundry,it looks cool, and it has a kick-ass stereo system. Unfortunatly, it also has a habit of parts failing on it that shouldn't - should you ever have to replace a gauge cluster, let alone on a 4 year old car with 40,000 miles? But it would be an awesome car if it wasn't so damn unreliable.

Not sure how much blogging I'll do in the next couple days. I do hope to take some pictures to post when I get back, 'cuz everyone loves pictures of Easter ham.


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