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Sunday, November 13, 2005

I've been passing props from one of my favorite shows and didn't know it...

I'm a big fan of HBO's The Wire, which is filmed in Baltimore. Part of it is it's complex characters (even the bad guys are a little good, and even the good guys can be bad) and it's gritty portrayal of city life. Of course, it's also fun to see some of the landmarks - one of the scenes of this episode was filmed about a block away from my house.

For the last month or so on my way back from work, I've been driving by a parking lot on Cold Spring and Falls Road that has a bunch of movie trailers, along with some Baltimore City police cars and random other cars. There's been some buzz about the Nicole Kidman movie that's filming in Baltimore and I always assumed it was related.

But I was driving back from the gym today and noticed that one of the vehicles was a white Ford Econoline van - covered with a bunch of "Carcetti for Mayor" posters. Which means they are vehicles for The Wire - Carcetti is a councilman with designs of running for mayor in the third season. Guess he will be in the fourth.

And I guess I'll have to pay more attentions to the cars in the lot.


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