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Sunday, July 03, 2005

More guns, more BS blogging...

I seem to wind up blogging about Penn and Teller's Bullshit a lot. Probably because now that the Dennis Miller show is off the air, it's the closest thing to political television that I watch on a regular basis (despite it's obvious liberal political bias, displaying warm affection for everything from backalley abortions to communism, I've decided not to count Cold Case as a political show).

Last week's was a very well-done episode on gun control. While I has never owned a gun - or even held or fired one - I am a big fan of gun rights. (I do own a sword, but only because I got a good deal on it at a police auction).

But there was one interesting "I know where that is" moment where they inteviewed an NRA official at his "store on an unassuming corner in Baltimore MD". The store was Valley Gun on Harford Road in Parkville, MD - a mile or two from where I used to live in the Hamilton section of Baltimore. I would pass by it any time I drove up to 95. It's an area I've thought of looking when I buy a house. It has the advantage of having at least 3 gun stores, which would suggest that it is both safe and inhabited by at least some people who share my political persuasion. Housing prices in Parkville are still a bit higher than I would prefer, though, although Hamilton still seems like a viable option.


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