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Friday, June 24, 2005

When timing is everything...

A while ago, I scored a free TV Guide subscription - although I found myself tossing them without reading them, since I pretty much watch whatever my RePlay has on it. But TV Guide generously decided to send me a free sample of their new, magazine (instead of digest) sized mag today.

I started flipping through it - and noticed that the episode of Bullshit! sounded like one I had seen two weeks ago. That's when I looked at the date on the front cover - June 12-19. Yup, last week's.

Now, if you publish, say, Maxim, sending a free sample of last month's issue is fine. After all, hot chicks and dirty jokes never get old. But when the primary reason people buy your mag is for TV listings, sending last week's listings doesn't make your magazine very useful - and probably leaves a bad taste in potential subscriber's mouths.


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