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Saturday, June 11, 2005

These are not my people...

You know how some people find their dream job, and they say they walked into the place and knew that was where they belonged? Sometimes, you get the opposite feeling...

Working in tech support for a college lets you see all kinds of people - everyone from physical plant employees to the college president. While I normally do helpdesk, lately I've also been helping out on computer migrations - and one of the departments we do is what is called "development". Basically, they are the people who raise money for the college, plan alumni events, do PR, and the like. They make the college's existance possible, but if you are a student, you probably don't even know they exist.

Most of the people who work there are actually pretty nice. But when I walk in there, I always feel out of place. Development is where all the "cool kids" wind up. It's the kind of job that involves lots of public contact, and requires people who really like talking to people. It's filled with well-dressed, talkative, outgoing people who enjoy other people.

In other words, it's kind of the opposite of the people who wind up working in tech support.


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