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Saturday, June 25, 2005

My coffee done blow up...

I woke up early this morning (falling asleep 10pm last night will do that) and thought "maybe I'll stop by Dunkin' Donuts for coffee this morning". Then I talked myself out of it - I mean, why spend $2 on take-out coffee when I can brew it myself for next to nothing, like I do most days?

So I get out of the shower, put on boxers and a tee shirt, and go to the kitchen. Put the filter in my Cuisnart coffee maker, put in 4 scoops of Folgers, and go back to my room to finish getting dressed. That's when I remeber I never bothered to put water in the coffee pot.

Turn off the coffee maker. Now the bottom of the coffee pot is really hot, and if I fill it with cold water it might shatter. So I put a couple drops of water in, swirl it around until the bottom of the pot is cool. I then add some water, pour it into the pot...

and the coffee pot gives it right back to me - on my shirt, on the counter, on the floor.

I change my shirt and head out to Dunkin' Donuts...


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