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Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm messy, I'm so messy..

I took off yesterday and today. The college I work for gives out 3 personal days per year, which have to be used up by the end of June. There are multiple approaches to using these personal days - use them at the begining, when you first get them, use them as you need them, or forget about them and use them at the last minute. I picked #3.

I've been trying to use this time to get some stuff done, like cleaning. So far, I'm a day into my 2 day "vacation" and haven't accomplished a whole lot. I have a ton of trash, but my room doesn't look any neater. Probably because I have so much stuff piled on top of each other that even getting rid of the first layer doesn't help because there are 10 more layers under it. I'm going to buy some plastic storage boxes today in the hopes that I can store some of the "stuff I don't need but can't bring myself to throw away" stuff.

The other thing is that a bunch of the stuff in here is currently on eBay. I also have a bunch of empty boxes I'm hanging onto until the auctions are done. Once I get rid of that stuff, I'll have a little more room to play with. Or so I keep telling myself.

BTW, here is a picture of my desk, to show you what kind of mess I'm dealing with. For the last year or so, I've been so busy with work and class that I've been like "I'll deal with that later" as far as cleaning. Now it's later, and I'm finding it harder to deal with than I thought (plus I've had more on my plate than I expected to).


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