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Sunday, April 17, 2005

I'd more pissed at losing my iPod than my soul...

Ann Althouse has a post about iPod theft victims who feel violated because someone stole their iPod. (BugMeNot)

Personally, if someone jacked my iPod, I'd be more pissed over losing the iPod than the music. I mean, if I lost my desktop, which has a ton of music/movies/docs, I'd be pissed. But I think it's pretty safe based on it's size.

But the article is great for the number of quotes from creepy iPod owners. I own a shuffle, an old firewire iPod, and a 12" powerbook, but I'm starting to understand why some people find some mac owners creepy - because they are:

The burglar visited every room of Sara Scalenghe's Northwest Washington apartment, stealing an expensive digital camera and a gold necklace passed down from her grandmother. But Scalenghe did not begin seething until she confirmed her biggest fear: Her new iPod had been swiped, too.
The digital music player held 50 favorite songs, ranging from Mozart to Italian rap. The device also contained thoughts on a looming dissertation and recorded conversations with friends. For Scalenghe, her privacy, as well as her home, was invaded. "I know it sounds silly, but it changed everything. I was really upset," said the 34-year-old graduate student. "I can't explain it. But it hurt."

First of all, a 34 year old grad student? Mad Anthony wonders why he didn't go to grad school. It would probably be way easier than, you know, having a job. But she had a whole iPod (the article later refers to it as a $300 device, which would mean it would be a 20 gig iPod - capable of holding 5,000 songs, but hers only had 50 songs on it. She should have gotten a shuffle.

There are a couple similar quotes from a musician and another college student - am I the only iPod owner with a freakin' job?

But my other favorite quote comes from an "expert":

"Everybody has a lot of memories they associate with music, and musical taste is usually very important to people," said Anita Boss, a forensic psychologist in Alexandria who has counseled crime victims. "You actually have a piece of identity theft here."

She added: "Anytime something is stolen that is so personal, victims are going to have a reaction like that. It's not the same as stealing a coat."

No, dumbass, you don't have identity theft. You have the theft of a high quality MP3 player with a bunch of songs people really like on them. See, with identity theft, people steal your personal information, and many victims are unable to do things like buy houses or get credit cards because identity theives have used their personal info to open accounts and trash the heck out of their credit. iPod theft victims, on the other hand, have to live with the fact that some stranger now knows you listen to 80's music and Jay-Z.

And I really like my leather jacket. It's me.. I'd be pissed if someone stole it.


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