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Saturday, March 26, 2005

More shuffle-ing...

Two interesting iPod Shuffle related pieces from Engadget..

The first is Microsoft's thinly-veiled shuffle attack ad detailing why you should buy an MS/Janus DRM'ed MP3 player instead of an iPod shuffle. Crazy Apple Rumors did a great parody of it.

Yup, you shouldn't buy an MP3 device that only works with one music store (even though it's the most popular one). Nor should you buy one without a stopwatch or an FM transmitter, or a display, or a voice recorder. Because you need MS to tell you what features you need on your MP3 player, the answer being "whichever ones the iPod Shuffle doesn't have".

I want my MP3 player to play MP3's. I don't need to listen to crappy FM radio when I've got a gig of my favorite songs. I don't need a stopwatch - I have a watch on my wrist, and I don't need to dig my MP3 player out of my pocket to look at it. I have songs I like on it, so I don't need a display.

I also think it's great that the MS ad also points out that you should make sure your MP3 player has a headphone jack and controls. Because I hate those ones that don't. They also list "free arm band" as an option you should look for. Because you can't, you know, pick an MP3 player that lets you decide if you want to pay extra for the arm band or not.

The other interesting iPod related thing is a review of Napster To Go Engadget's reaction - like the service, but had a ton of trouble getting it to work on their MP3 players. I've looked at the subscription model compared to the iTunes model in the past. I don't like the subscription model, and if it's as clunky as Engadget's experience, it is another reason not to like Napster.


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