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Monday, March 28, 2005

I guess eMule users are smarter...

Via Instapundit comes a Michelle Malkin article on people who are sharing their tax returns on peer-to-peer file sharing services. Michelle tried typing stuff in LimeWire and found a bunch of tax returns.

I'm always running eMule, so I decided to try a couple searches and see what came up:



I didn't see anything in either that clearly looked like a tax return. "tax" as a search word brought mostly pirated copies of TurboTax, along with some MP3's and other stuff. "1040" as a search brought up everything from animal porn to mp3's to pirated copies of RealPlayer, but nothing that looked like a tax form.

So this makes me suspect one of two things 1)eMule users are smarter about what they share or 2)LimeWire shares a lot more stuff by default than eMule does


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