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Thursday, March 24, 2005

All wet...

You've probably seen a movie like this. Our hero has had a horrible day - gotten fired, dumped, had his nuts cut off, whatever - it just sucks for him. And to top it off, it's pouring outside. So he's walking down the street, and a bus comes by and drenches him with water, and his day is even shittier. Poor guy.

That was me yesterday. Except for the end of the day thing, and the bad day thing, and the part about getting fired or de-nutted. It poured in Baltimore yesterday. I drove to work and saw a parking spot. Unfortunatly, I had already driven past it. There was nobody behind me, so I did the asshole thing and backed up and parked. Got out, scampered across the street in front of an MTA bus, and started walking towards my office - when said MTA bus decided to move into the right lane and drench me with water. The whole left side of my body was covered - I had water all over my glasses and in my ear, and 12 hours later my notebook sitting in my backpack was still wet.

Have I mentioned how much I hate rain?


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