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Sunday, January 02, 2005

On getting website hits..

I discovered something sad recently - my website is getting a ton of hits. Why is that sad? Because the website getting the hits isn't this one - the blog that I've put a fair amount of time into posting what I think is insightful and relevant commentary, the site that I've promoted by submitting it to carnivals, by blogroll, by alliance, by blogsnob, and a ton of other ways.

No, the site that is getting a ton of hits is, a site I crapped out in about 10 minutes as a joke. A site that I haven't promoted except in my signiture on a couple sites I post on (like w00t and daily deal), along with a slashdot post that got modded +5.

To put in perspective, my sitemeter on has gotten around 4500 hits since I started it about 6 months ago. FreeDryerLint, which I started about 2 weeks ago, has gotten around 1700 hits.

So the moral of this story, I guess, is if you want lots of hits, start a cheesy site as a joke instead of starting a blog.


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