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Monday, December 13, 2004

Things that go bump in the afternoon...

I was driving to CompUSA after work today to pick up Compusa's one day only $3AR wireless router. There was an accident on York Road, so everyone is down to one lane. I was driving and felt a bump. Put the car in park and get out. Guy gets out and is like "what?" - which kind of threw me, since it seemed obvious what happened. Thrown off, I go "did you just hit me?" - and he goes "did you just back up"?

There wasn't any damage on my car that wasn't from last week's hit, and none on his car, so we went on. I have to give the guy props for thinking that quickly though - how likely is it that someone just randomly backs up on a main road?

BTW, funny thing about the above CompUSA sale - they already upped all the images - so you can see what's on sale by changing the "before" portion of the image URL to "live" for the next days...


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