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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Read the fine print, or don't...

Via this thread on FatWallet, I found out that NJ is suing Circuit City for not being clear enough on their finance terms.

From the article:
Learning about financing plans and the costs to a buyer should not involve a hunt through a sales circular, nor should it involve the use of a magnifying glass to read too-small type

Gee, God forbid that people should read any fine print before making an important financial decision. And thanks the the amount of legal text that must be included, Circuit City would have to publish a second circular just with all the legalese if they put it in normal size type.

Oddly enough, Circuit City is one of the stores I prefer - their customer service has impressed me several times. On two recent occasions I've had trouble getting rebate forms that were advertised on their items to print. Both times, they promptly price-adjusted the items, without spending a bunch of time dicking around with the printer or telling me it was the wrong item or that I could get the forms online. They did this on their own, without me asking to.

NJ does have a knack for suing companies over stupid stuff - over the summer, they sued Nissan for putting cool headlights on their cars. As Patrick Bernard put it, Apparently, the question before the court is this: How soon should a carmaker tell the world not to buy its cars?


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