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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I'll be gentle, sentimental.. shit, we f***d in the rental..

(post title courtesy of snoop dee oh double gee)

Dropped off the PT Cruiser today and picked up a rental. I had an odd conversation earlier in the day with the rental guy (RG):

Rental guy: Is a Volvo wagon OK? Well, I guess it's more of a luxury car. Are you over 25?

Mad Anthony: No. I'm 24.

RG: Oh, OK. How about a Toyota Corolla?

Now, I really don't care what I have as a rental - it's only for a day, and it's only going from the rental agency to home to work to the rental agency - maybe 15 miles total. But it is kinda funny to be told you are too young to rent a Volvo.

I am always curious to drive new cars, and it would have been interesting to try out a Volvo. Not to mention it would have been nice to have some features - the corolla I have is surprisingly quick, but it's stripped - crank windows, manual locks (when I parked in front of my apartment, I had to run around the car checking all the doors and locking them so it wouldn't get jacked) - and it has enough dents to make me think that a previous renter enjoyed beating on it with a rubber mallet.


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